Outdoor Event Space Rental In Penang, Malaysia

An outdoor event space is the perfect location for hosting an important event. Be it a food festival, a lavish wedding, an outdoor concert, furniture, exhibition, automotive roadshow, or a company function, getting a large event space outdoors is always a good idea. In many cases, an outdoor event space offers so much more than an indoor venue. Here are some of the reasons why you should look for a large outdoor event space for rent.

1. Big and bigger

An outdoor venue will definitely have a large event space available. The larger space allows you to fit in more tables, chairs, props, tents or booths. This means that you can organize bigger events such as a company function. You can even host large scale roadshows, music festivals and cultural events as compared to a smaller indoor venue.

2. Better capacity

With a four-walled limitation, seating capacity in an indoor event space is restricted. On the other hand, an outdoor venue allows you to seat more guests depending on seating arrangements. A large event space in Malaysia allows you to fit in more guests and visitors as well. Most of the time, people go for outdoor event space rental as it is more spacious compared to an indoor one. If you expect a large number of visitor and guests, you should consider getting an outdoor event space to accommodate everyone.

3. More personalization options

An outdoor event space rental in Malaysia is just like a blank canvas. Paint the entire venue with our own customized palette of decorations. Basically, you can set up the venue according to your own creative vision. Being more spacious, you can even bring in large decorative items and props to make it one of a kind.

Outdoor event spaces are now the buzz for those wishing to host corporate events, large festivals, exhibitions or a company dinner. At Auto-City, you are now given some of the best and most affordable event space rentals in Penang, Malaysia, not to mention ample free parking! Drop us a message to know more about our available venues for your unique function.

Types of Outdoor Event Space