Function Hall For Rent In Penang, Malaysia

Searching for a function or exhibition hall for rent in Penang might not be as palatable as it looks, you have a lot of things to consider such as the location and accessibility of the hall and adequate provision of amenities.

Our hall for rent in Penang is a highly suitable venue for your events such as family parties, company functions, roadshow events, sales events, christenings, weddings, birthdays, reunions, furniture fairs, get together gatherings and so on. The halls for rent can accommodate a large number of people conveniently for dining and exhibition purposes.

From the affordable and simple to the lavish and classy, our function hall in Penang are positioned in a very accessible, easy-to-spot location in the center of Auto-City, Penang. The halls for rent are exceptional with access to ample free parking and nearby to a large variety of food and beverage outlets.

The hall is very spacious and has a versatile space with greenery all around. We work closely with local suppliers that can cater to all your venue setup needs, including stage, tables, booths, carpet, dance floor and more.

Types of Indoor Event Spaces

  • Smart Hall

    Strategically positioned in the middle of Shop In D’Park with glass walls which enhances the indoor-outdoor ambience.

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