Our Journey

If you think CRISIS is bad, may we urge you to think again. CRISIS can be a ‘blessing in disguise’. It took a CRISIS to turn a ‘SWAMP’ into a ‘CITY’.

Believe it or not, it all started with the lands regarded as swamps in the 1990’s. Originally, Corporate Tower was planned to be erected on the lands. The approval came but it came coincidently at the timing of the Asian Economic crisis in 1997. What was planned was as good as dead. Many people were badly hit by the crisis and so were we. No matter how hard we tried, things just didn’t turn out right. We even put up signboards and advertised to sell the lands but nobody wanted to buy. Instead we were even being ridiculed that the lands were good for nothing.

So if you ever feel the same as we did at that darkest moment, please do not lose hope. Someone up there is sending you a message to tell you that “there could be something bigger and better coming your way…if only you realise and see beyond the crisis”. And if you dare…take the challenge to explore, create, innovate and/or change for the better. We took the challenge and after going through very difficult times, we were finally blessed with the AUTO-CITY concept and we materialized it at the right timing and opportunity.

We now realise, had it not because of the crisis in 1997, we would have probably built and sold the corporate tower as well other complexes easily and quickly. Our development would look like many other developments you could find across Malaysia. Nothing special or unique as compared to what is AUTO-CITY today.

We believe that “CRISIS CAN BE A BLESSING IN DISGUISE”. You must have faith and believe in yourself.

The name “AUTO-CITY” is a registered trademark which is owned by Golden Highway Auto-City Sdn. Bhd. (GHAC). GHAC granted permission for the development on the said lands to use the trademark “AUTO-CITY”.

Today, AUTO-CITY is endorsed as a tourist destination by the Penang State Government and it has become a landmark as a 1-Stop for Auto, Food, Entertainment, Banking, Shopping, and Outdoor events/celebrations.


Gary & Bee Lee
Founders of Auto-City