Function Hall For Rent In Penang, Malaysia

Searching for a function hall for rent in Penang might not be as palatable as it looks, you have a lot of things to consider such as the location and accessibility of the hall, adequate provision of amenities, such as the stage, sound system, and whiteboard and so on. Options of food such as Halal, vegetarian, alcohol and more can also be a major concern.

Our function halls for rent in Penang are built in different shapes and varying sizes. The function halls are highly suitable venues for your events such as family parties, christenings, birthdays, reunion, get together gatherings and so on. The halls for rent can accommodate a large number of people conveniently for dining and the building can be easily located from every walks of the city.

From the affordable and simple to the lavish and classy, our function hall in Penang are positioned in a very accessible location in the center of the city. The halls for rent are exceptional with the reception and networking spaces excellent for conferences and corporate entertainment.

The event hall rentals are affordable and budget friendly, whether you are looking for cheap function hall in Penang for a small party or your budget can carry an expensive event hall rental whether for a company dinner on a large scale or a dance event, we always have the perfect venue for you to occupy.

The hall is very spacious and has a versatile space with stunning views of the city, it has a very big area for the dance and the rocking parties. There is also a reserved space for the band or DJ with plenty of spaces on the dance floor to rock your events.

We can also take care of your catering concerns and supply your drinks if you want us to. I am certain you cannot go wrong with our tea services and pastries. We offer a full kitchen catering plus a full bar service with a low priced cocktail. Our bartenders are soft and gentle, leaving you with a first class experience of service.

Types of Indoor Event Spaces

  • Smart Hall

    Strategically positioned in the middle of Shop In D’Park with glass walls which enhances the indoor-outdoor ambience.

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